Why “Egypt Field Guides,” if only one book has been published?

There are more Field Guides in the works. Next to come out will be Ancient Egypt, a Field Guide, a visual dictionary of ancient Egypt.

It seems that every surface in Egyptian sites or on artifacts is covered with hieroglyphs and drawings. While you will not learn to read the ancient language, “Ancient Egypt” help you quickly identify themes, motifs, and objects, so you can pursue your own research on the things that interest you.

Next, expect to see Ancient Egypt, a Field Guide for Kids. Aimed at young people from about fourth grade through middle school, this will be a simplified version of the above, always treating the ancient Egyptians and their religion and culture with respect, unlike some young people’s books which portray the ancients as drooling fools under the pretext of making it “funny.” A major theme in those kind of books is “How gross is THAT!?” There are plenty of things to learn and wonder at without ridiculing the culture. If you read Cartouches, a Field Guide, you know I like to have fun. There are amusing things to study, but I still try to do it with respect.

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